In Africa, there is a severe shortage of management capacity at the operational level of health

care facilities and programs. In fact, most heads of African hospitals, clinics and health programs

are clinical doctors and nurses who have little formal business management training or education.

There is a huge need to train administrators and managers in:

  • “hard” business skills such as accounting, inventory control, and personnel management and;
  • “soft” skills like leadership, time management and delegation


The good news is that, in many countries in Africa, health management is now recognized as being vitally important to the operation of a modern health care system. Yet, surprisingly, health management is not taught at most medical schools. And only a handful of local or international NGOs or consulting firms are involved in improving health care business management. When business skills training is provided, it usually takes place off-site in a classroom setting - using a lecture format and case studies - despite strong evidence that this approach does not work.


Where can African health care managers get the on-site help they need to improve operations and/or solve actual business problems? The reality is that there are very, very few options...


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