Management and experience matter in any enterprise - but particularly in organizations active

in global health, where lives are at stake! Give Back Global believes it can fill an unmet need

and play an important role by serving as a trusted, long-term resource for African health managers.  We can provide a business volunteer with 25+ years of hands-on, real-world health care business experience to address a health manager’s highly specific needs - on-site and free of charge.


Need someone with a background in health care HR?  Or someone with experience setting up IT systems in hospitals? Or a skilled accountant who can help implement a financial management system?  How about a procurement specialist?  Or an experienced hospital CEO to help put in place a strategic plan and serve as a mentor?  What about a hospital fundraising expert?


Let us know…and we will do our best to find the right expert to meet your needs!


"Do you think that lack of money is the largest barrier to saving children's lives in Africa or to stopping AIDS?  Wrong!  Money has been flowing into health and development programs in unprecedented levels but it can't be properly spent.  One of the main reasons is the lack of professional managers in the health system, hospitals, and clinics." (2007)

-Senior World Bank Africa official